Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reunited Feels So Great

Start Of A Good Weekend In Santa Barbra, CA



We Found Shannon! (Left)

End Of A Great Weekend In Riverside, CA

Where to begin? Wow, well this past weekend my friends from school, Shannon & Kristin came down from Chico and Sacramento to SoCal. They took a 12 hour train ride down the coast; I can't even fathom how ridiculous that is! Their first stop was in Santa Barbra which is nearly an hour away from my house. It was a great surprise to see them there as well as high school friends who go to school in SB! They met most of my hometown friends and I will admit it was just a crazy, spontaneous, awesome night. Afterwards, Shannon, Kristin, and I continued our mission from Santa Barbra to my hometown where they saw where I lived. It was a brief stop, but we had to continue further down California to Riverside. There, we met up with our other friend from school, Wendy. The Fab 4 was reunited! It was just amazing all the things we experienced and all the new faces we met! Friends from home are going back to school, which means Winter Break is coming to an end. In 6 days I will soon meet up with these lovely ladies in San Jose! There is nothing like being home after a long time, but time is valuable and it's important to make the most of it! It has been a blessed break. Let the adventures continue!

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