Sunday, February 5, 2012

Words Need To Be Spoken

It's February and I have yet to post anything new. No Pictures, nothing, nada, zip. Goes to show how much college swamps you. Well, aside from lots of school work and surviving my horrible English class with my horrible teacher, the New England Patriots lost today in the Superbowl. My dad is so upset, he's been a fan since he was 10, so I guess I'm a fan?? No clue, it's football. Aside from that, this weekend should be very eventful, so more posts will arrive soon! In the meantime, my friends Ryan, Chris and I have created a bucket list (but we don't plan on dying soon), that we plan on finishing by the end of the school year. Interesting stuff going on there, I can't exactly say what is on it, but I can show and tell after!
Hope you all are having a wonderful February!!

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