Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do You Want To Go To The Seaside?


Yesterday Chris and I went to the beach in Santa Cruz! I swear it can't get anymore hipster than there. It literally was the worst weather to go to he beach but who cares! Chris showed me this cool stone ship that was abandoned. We were suppose to run into the freezing cold water.... but we chickened out. I'm so happy he got me out of my dorm!

As of today, I traveled all by myself from NorCal to SoCal on a coach bus!! I could no longer be cooped up in my teeny- weeny box that I call a dorm. Spent 6 hours of quality bonding time with weird strangers but I'm finally home! I've missed my family and friends so much. I feel so grown up traveling on my own and being able to do things like this. 
Let the end of Spring Break be even more amazing!

Oh! and this is me creeping on Chris :)

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