Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Rainy Days...

It's officially spring break and rain has arrived in its best interest. Today was actually wonderful. I started the day in my room, where I came across a black journal someone once wrote to me a while ago. Inside were messages I once forgot but it really opened my eyes. Because of the complete honesty this person wrote, I couldn't be kept in my room any longer. I'm also one of very few people who did not go back home for spring break. The campus is very dead. So it is me, myself and I basically. Although being just me is what made me have a great day. I went to the movies by myself and saw the Hunger Games (which is really awesome, go watch!). Ever gone to the movies alone? It's almost life changing. Later, I made boats with my friend Brandt who was looking for something to do and I got to enjoy being in the rain. If I didn't read this journal by this person who has had such a big impact in my life, and who I still think about,  I don't think I would have had this type of day.

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