Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Knows Best

My parents divorced when my sister and I were very young. We'd go and visit my mother one day, then my dad the other. However, my dad raised two girls without a mother in the same house. He had gone through our Backstreet Boy phase, took us to all our horseback riding lessons, even played dress up with us. He sang us our own lullaby to sleep, and checked every closet for monsters. He had suffered very comely through our pre-teen years and did his best at giving boy advice.
As of now, I'm mainly living with my dad.
 I am so grateful for all the things he has been able to provide; his love being the first.
 This man is crazy cool. He tries to fit in with my friends. Still tries to snowboard even after a heart attack and back surgery. He is even the go to guy to see if my shoes match my shirt.
My dad is my own superhero.
Happy Father's Day to all!

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