Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Time Is Still 6:05, Portugal. The Man

So here's a good one...
Garr & I went to go see Portugal. The Man play for free.
We got there pretty early.
There were a bunch of hipsters and a really cool stage.

Saw the band walk cross the field and got a quick snapshot.
 Couple hours later, we're still waiting for the concert to start.
 Walked around and saw a few awesome people I knew.
Also discovered basil limeade 
(must try that sometime), 
amongst other bird food.
Couple hours after that, the 4,000 lucky people
started to crowd.
 Then after 45 mins or so,
the magic happened.
 Totally worth the wait.

 Check this out though, normally they don't let you bring in your fancy shmancy cameras
into things like this. However, this time you could. I clearly didn't get that memo, 
so once again you all have to suffer through my lovely phone pictures.
My mind in complete awe right now, and I think Garr would say the same.

And now as of 7/22
 Happy Birthday Garrett!

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