Saturday, August 4, 2012


Alt- J Concert

It's either a hit or a miss whenever I go to a concert. I never know if I can bring my actual camera. So I had to use my phone again. Drove down to a part of Hollywood for Alt- J. Before the actual concert started, Shannon, Garrett, Kristin & I was able to get to the very front, right in the middle of the stage. It was pretty sweet, also the venue wasn't that big, which is okay; it felt more connected. The openers of the band kinda sucked. I take that back, was probably the worst playing I've heard. I felt bad for Shannon & Kristin because they had never been to something like this and I did't want them to think that these concerts were that bad. Except by the time Alt- J performed... it was just amazing. Now I know I don't listen to your typical music and most people find it weird, but you honestly have to give it a chance. You have to listen to the effort in each individual instrument. It's more of a feeling that the vibe brings. Music isn't just catchy lyrics and repetitive sound, it's far deeper. This concert made me really happy. The song that seemed to be a hit was introduced in a few earlier posts.
Check it out

Magic Mountain
Photo Props: Shannon Bringham
(iPhone 4s)

The next day I had taken the girls and Pinar to Six Flags Magic Mountain. The one in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California (the cool one). When you live right by it and you have visitors from out of town you just have to take them there. We had met up with my friend Richie and his group. This ride here is one of the newer ones. It is called Lex Luther. It goes over 400ft in the sky and drops you at 85 mph. Yeah... we went on it. So insane. So glad Kristin came with us and went on the rides, even though she hates rollercoasters. She made me so proud though she was able to stick it out. We ended the night eating lots of pizza and smore making. Soooooooooo good.

The People You Meet

So this is going to sound odd but the night of Magic Mountain, Shannon really wanted to go on Chat Roulette because she never had before. Talked to some normal people... told everyone everything we did/ ate that day. Came across this Dutch boy Tommy from the Netherlands. He was lovely. He played us guitar, sang us a few songs, just talked about music and lots of other things. Probably the longest conversation. During the conversation Shannon & I married him. Yupp virtual relationships. Kinda weird now thinking about it haha. Anywaysss, he also takes photos. He showed us his photos on facebook and I was amazed. I have come to realize that I have a long way in becoming a prominent photo taker/editor. I won't say photographer cause I feel like I haven't earned that title yet. I have to start thinking of what direction I want to take my photo taking. Tommy is super sweet. Talked till 3am.
Now we go on living our normal lives.

Dress In Rain

 Today was the day I had to say a see ya later to Shannon & Kristin. It's okay though, I will see them in a few weeks back in San Jose. It had been such an insane week while they were here. So very eventful!  Strange to say the least that right after I got home from dropping them off at the bus station it had started pouring rain. Thunder & Lightning decided to join us as well. It felt great. The rain was hot and I just had to play in it. Then a few minutes into it, I realized that it had gotten really cold and all I was wearing was my dress. I love random surprises.

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