Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Punch Bowls


I'm surprised my friends are still my friends after this hike. It was seriously the longest most excruciating hike ever. Plus the fact that we did it all in sandals wasn't the brightest choice. However, the punch bowls were soo cool! Falco slipped 37 times while hiking. Wendy got mega blisters. We all have our fair share of bruises and scratches. Hey, it was still fun though. I'm not sure how long this hike was, felt like at least 10 miles one way. Oh! and we saw a man with farm goats along the way back.... that was random.

Falco has more pictures too! Check out his blog at


  1. Oh my god. That is totally worth the blisters. That looks amazing not even counting the cliff jumping.

    1. How would I have done that? I didn't get invited :P

  2. Haha of course we are still your friends! Now that we've all done it, we will be do more prepared next time!! I still so enjoyed this day and the AMAZING island burgers! -shannon