Friday, August 3, 2012







 This was such a long day, the post would have kept going cause there were so many pictures to choose from! Any who, the day started out great. Wendy, Kristin, Shannon, & I woke up 30 minutes till we had to meet my dad and his girlfriend for breakfast. Four girls got ready in 15 minutes and was able to make the diner in time to meet them there. We all looked top notch too surprisingly. So I had forgotten my mom's birthday, which was a big no no, so my dad had come up with this great idea to find her a really good belated birthday card and to tell my mom that "I had found this really awesome card, but I couldn't have given it to you on your birthday because it was a belated I had to wait till after to give it to you." My dad is funny like that. So after breakfast we went and I had bought her 4 cards. My mom seemed to think my belated card story was funny... she also called my a little shiztar at the same time.. but she seemed good. Then we got to go on Brenden's boat, he goes to our school. AND JESSE LYGA GOT TO MEET UP WITH US TOO! He's so cool. Lives not too far from me, but is sadly no longer going to go to our school ever again. Although, it was great to see him.. he's very photogenic. We had met this 6 year old girl named Saylor. She was he cutest thing ever, and I really dig her name. We got to ride the tube together and make pig calls. Soo very sore though. After we had gotten off the boat, it was time to shower and go see the Alt-J concert. More pictures of that will be up later.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!
Don't have anything to do? Go find a lake.

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