Friday, August 24, 2012

"Shannon's Not In These, So This Is The Worst Post I've Ever Blogged"


A lot of these pictures were taken at random times.

The greeks were having a BBQ event. We love any opportunity to get free dinner. We haven't figured out our food situation yet since we don't have full time meal plans.
We actually didn't end up really eating here.



Random guy, I just liked his sweater

Awkward smiles, but you can see part of our kitchen! 

(Instagram @makennaharamia)
Two of my roommates Shannon & Kristin

Shannon came up with the title.
So much has happened the first few days back in San Jose. Today I went to the pool. Shannon and I put up our first decoration in our living room... they were Christmas lights. We also changed around our furniture.. I started classes. Some of them seem interesting. I didn't tell you, but I am majoring in Communications and now officially minoring in Radio/Television/Film. Studying to be a news anchor. I have friends in all my classes which is nice. I am very fond of my English teacher. He has a very clear mind of what he likes and doesn't like. He's also tatted up on his arms and rides his bicycle everywhere. The greeks are out on their rush hunt. Their rules are kinda bogus, partially why I wouldn't join one. I feel like the rules get wrapped around their heads sometime. Not bashing on them, there are some very nice people! Met these weird freshman boys who kissed our hands when we met them, they seem like tools. We'll see how the rest of the year goes.

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