Monday, September 3, 2012

Loo Loo

Standing next to Loo loo is Josh.. I will soon post up his pictures.

I have made a new friend! This is Loo loo and she is a freshman at my school. I had met her a few nights ago. This girl is the sweetest and is far beyond talented. We have many things in common it's unbelievable. She likes to run as she is apart of San Jose's Cross Country Team, she use to do pageants like I have previously done, she originates from LA county, and she has a humble opinion on her picture taking. I got the chance to see some of her photos in which she has never let anyone see before. They are quite captivating. She is also an insane artist! Loo loo has so many things going for her, you just learn something new every time. I had fun going out and taking pictures with her and adventuring downtown. She even took some great shots of myself as well.. those will hopefully be presented.

Go meet new people, people are interesting.

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