Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stand Still & Observe

Mr. Squirrel was eating a hamburger.
Kristin took a picture of me.

 My friend is so pretty.

When away at school, petting a dog is something extraordinary. This dog Riffle was awesome... the walker.... kinda creepy.

So check it, my school has a quididge team. The man who is looking over yonder is Russell. I just met him. He didn't know I took his picture. Although he is a very nice man. I was starring at them play... kinda like I was staring at the squirrel eat a hamburger and he came over and asked us if we wanted to play. Of course I had to be wearing a dress so I missed the opportunity. It looks super fun! I would totally do it. 

Rigel's the Monkey Boy

Walking on campus is quite lovely. The people you meet, the people you run into.
I still can't get over the squirrel eating a freaking hamburger.

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