Monday, October 8, 2012

Take You Somewhere So You Know I Care

Hey you all, y'all, all, you, all of you. So it looks like I don't post on schedule. I have been watching the show Workaholics a lot and in their words, thats kind of a loose butthole situation (don't get offended). But boy oh boy did I endure many adventures. Therefore, in the week I had not posted... I hope 42 pictures sums it up cause that's what I'm throwing your way.

Kristin and I took the train to San Francisco to get picked up by our friend Nathaniel. He's the cool dude to the right... left side guy is Alex. It was cool, I bought an awesome journal while waiting in San Fran.... but more on that later. Anywhoo, he picked us up and we went to Sonoma and stayed in his dorm.  It was Nathaniel's 21st birthday. We took him out to dinner.... but yeah 21... that was a fun dinner.... actually the whole night was captivating madness. 


More cows...

This is Sonoma. It's on the north part of California. Super pretty.
If you get a chance, see this place. It's also by Nappa Valley so it's known 
for their vineyards and wine if you're  into that sort of thing.

I wish all signs were this easy to read.

  Yupp, my friend is 21.

 I get pictures taken of myself for once... and they are awkward.

Mr. Deer poking his head out

This is Bodega Bay. Definitely go check it out there if you want to see a beautiful beach and go on a cool hike. We rolled down the iceberg plant things. That. Was. Fun. 

Over the Bay Bridge we went on our marry way home.

 Finally a gorgeous sunset to end our beautiful trip.

Oh Florence
I love crappy camera quality on your phone, don't you?

So I saw Florence & the Machine in concert, waddup, and she is quite the performer. Sergio, Chris, Jasmine and I all went (really cool people). 'The Weekend' opened up for Florence..... they/he sucked. Gots a cool shirt from the concert though! After we feasted on in n out... again waddup.

Here's Florence & the Machine: Cosmic Love


  1. I've been waiting.
    Pretty awesome though!
    (you spelled "The Weeknd" wrong)

    1. that's okay, i dont care too much for them to spell it right