Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Before The Storm

Day 23

cat love

Okay so you are going to be slightly displeased with this post.
The day by day challenge has screwed me over in taking fairly decent pictures,
or at least the type of pictures I want to take as well as trying to make this blog interesting!
 For instance, today was all about school, so I had no chance to go find something amazing.
I was so bored in my first class learning about the Coriolis Force, and couldn't help but
 be distracted by my friend in my Shakespeare class! By the time English class rolled around,
I just wanted to crawl in my bed and get some freakin sleep! But I pushed through it all. And now I am stalling from more performances and essays that were thrown my way... I should probably get those done now!

I miss my cat and I like this song:


my blog is being weird right now and not playing the embedded version. so click on the link!

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