Saturday, November 24, 2012

Loch Ness Monster

Day 20

So I'm going to take a second take at writing this post. I don't really write how I use to and I was told by someone who I respect, that I should write more.
You know those moments where you just want to get out to go do something... well Falco here, him and I had an interesting adventure. For the very first time, he showed me this hidden lake wayyy up yonder. Actually it was pretty cool. It's one of those things where it says no trespassing, but you feel the need to do it anyways. After trespassing there (one of my favorite things to do), he drove me to this place called the Dustbowl. Looked a lot like a place in some zombie movie and it started up a pretty fascinating convo of the 2012 zombie attack. I'm game to talk about that with anyone!

On our drive down the rocky dirt road, I heard a pop.
yupp, another flat tire story to be told.
Not toooooooooooo bad.
Cool way to meet his dad.

But at the end, Falco is a pretty cool guy
check out his blog post here!

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