Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Roll With It

Day 9

I would like to share with you the story of my most recent bike ride.
Saturday night was my friend Ryan's 20th birthday party.
However, his birthday was at his house in Morgan Hill... which is about 25 miles away from State. 
My friend Chris & I thought that was pretty feasible to do on our bikes.

It started getting dark around 5 o'clock so we left around 6 o'clock.
Instead of taking on the full 25 miles, we took the light rail which slimmed our distance by a little bit.

By the time we got off the light rail it was 7 o'clock and already pitch black outside.
None of us thought to bring lights for our bicycles.

It got pretty cold as we began to ride.
We rode our bikes along with traffic, through streets with no lights.
Chris used the flashlight app on his phone to help guide us.

He would hold it behind him so cars knew we were on the street; and when all cars would pass, he would hold it in front of him to see what was ahead.

However, while he was holding the phone behind his back, 
we heard a clink as if he hit a glass bottle; soon after we heard the exhale of a tire.
We had no idea what he ran over, all we knew was that Chris had a flat tire, 
and that we were stranded in a very dark place.

After waiting under a bridge in the cold,
we finally were saved and made it to our destination.

Interesting night.

But aside my story and the pictures of my short bike ride today,
here is something to make you smile!

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