Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Color Drenched

This picture almost looks fake to me.

Finals week is officially done!
Hello my fellow followers! You guys make my heart melt.

I swear this week has bit me in the ass so many times.
Anybody care to arm wrestle? I've been writing papers like a mad person,
I'm ready to take on anyone!

Anywhoooo, so much stuff has happened in this past week.
First off, I got to enjoy a cute little secret santa with my friends.
Falco had visited me twice in one week going to and coming from Chico!
That was a lovely break away from school work.
....He has an odd fetish with the asians and hobos at my school...

Jordan, had left me with a very generous Christmas gift and got me speakers for my room.
Gahhh they are soo awesome!
I'm pretty sure my roommates don't know my obsession with loud music...
Something for them to look forward to when I return!

I know more stuff happened but I just can't think of what happened!
I'm back at home now...
Seeing my cat overwhelms me.

However, I was very lucky to experience this beautiful sight on my drive home.
Usually the drive is very brown, dreadful and never ending,
but look at all this color!

....my fish enjoyed the trip as well
This is a good sign, should be a very eventful winter vacation!


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