Sunday, January 20, 2013

Golden Gate Adventure

This is how Chris smiles at me.

I think I was Instagramming.

Sergio looks like this all the time...

Let me start off by saying that I am no longer home in SoCal but now back in San Jose.
My friend Chris, drove from Northern California, over 200 miles down to where I live in Los Angeles.
He didn't want me to miss out on a surf competition.
Funny story actually but more on that later. We hung out, he stayed over and then we left the next morning, singing to a bunch of crappy radio stations all the way back to San Ho.

So the day of the surf competition, Sergio, Chris & I ventured more up North to go watch a "big wave surf contest", however it turned out to be a total rip off. They didn't even let you go on the beach to watch them actually surf! So DUMB.

Instead, we ditched that place and walked on the Golden Gate Bridge. Been to San Francisco many a times, but never walked along one of California's most historic pieces of architecture. So this was a fun new experience. 

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