Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Getty

The directory man made sure I took a picture of this.
This is a freaking huge couch... it may not look like it from this angle, but trust me.

This may be one of my worst smiles haha... oh well!

Same sweet old man who told me to take a picture of the couch, 
told me to take a picture of this chandelier, to share with you that,
they use to put little goldfish in the little bulb that's hanging on the bottom.

The view from the museum!

This was my first time exploring The Getty Museum, so I figured it would be a great place to take Nathaniel here while he is visiting from Sacramento.
This place is just gorgeous!
I forgot to tell you all that Nathaniel, my friend who I met through my roommate, is staying in L.A. 
So I've been doing my best in showing him around.
We sure have been on the go, but I'm really happy we did this.
I really like the old man who was telling us little tidbits of certain artifacts.
He was nice.

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