Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Decided To Stop By

Hello fellow nerds!
I have a new found obsession for red lipstick!
(who cares right?)
This stinking weather is a complete tease,
the sun likes to show it's charm but it is oh so deceiving when that wind hits.
Let me fill you in, the past two days I have been encouraging myself to continue
job hunting. I may be lucky with one place, but it's one of those things where
I am crossing my fingers extra tight. I had an interview yesterday and if I get the job,
I will tell you where, and if not... I won't even mention it again, I'd be so embarrassed.
Moreover it was a group interview and I had never done one of those before, but hopefully the manager liked the only girl out of the five other guys that were there AND hopefully I redeemed myself today.
In other news, I've been looking and searching online all day of where I want to be at this very moment in a year, and I have come to a conclusion that either Australia, New Zealand, or Sweden will keep me company and fill my life with new adventures. So finally, stay warm everybody! 
Spring is right around the corner.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post Valentines Day

This little creep has gnarly teeth.

I'm a little late in posting this because I got side tracked. Adventures with this guy never ends. ...therefore I didn't get to show you all yesterday.
Any who, I hope Valentine's day was lovely for you all.
All it took was a few roses, origami, and a bird house kit to make my day!
 Even when the real plans don't necessarily work out, I couldn't have been more happier.
These were taken yesterday; Chris & I enjoyed a lovely picnic at the park under the sun.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bike Gang

Since I posted this embarrassing picture of Chris on instagram, it's only fair that I show this picture of my hiney up top. 

I apologize for my absence, it's been so long.
So I went on a wonderful bike ride that was very eventful.
Chris had climbed a water tower.
We found a sign.
Took pictures in front of the sign.
It said "Stay On Trail".
Chris almost fell off the trail.
Jacqui is very photogenic.
We are the Bike Gang.