Sunday, March 24, 2013

Walking Under The Souls Of Miss President

I'm pretty sure I posted these earlier... but I guess they didn't show up...

Meet Looloo!
We hang out.
We take pictures.
We laugh & help each other out.
She's going to run this country one day.
Isn't she cute!?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Kiss Me... I'm Not Irish

It was really windy today.

So St. Patty's day hit it's end. Actually thought I would participate in the festivities.
I was one of the few people who stayed sober for the entire day.
So many drunk green people.

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Pants: PacSun

The magnificent Looloo took my photos for me.
Her outfit was so stinking cute, so I will post her pictures tomorrow!

However, in real life business... I got a job!
I turned down PacSun... even though it was a difficult decision and decided to go work at
Mainland Skate & Surf shop!

I'm pretty stoked for that to start.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moonrise Kingdom

So here is a post that I normally don't do, however I felt that it was necessary to write a quick little movie recommendation for Moonrise Kingdom. I recently watched this and instantly fell in love with it. 
I love the entire aspect of the story line and the way it was shot and edited was beautifully done.
Take a look at it when you can!

Besides that, I feel like it's time to update with my current life. Well that job interview I mentioned earlier was for PacSun, it turns out I was selected as one of the top 7 to go to the second interview. That felt very special. Meanwhile, I also got a call for an interview at this surf and skate shop called Mainland. So I went to that yesterday morning. The people there are just the type of people I can see myself hanging out with as well as working with. As soon as I returned home, my phone rang and I got a call from PacSun. However, inside of me was frightened to answer the phone because I was having conflicting thoughts. So the phone lead to voicemail and that voicemail kindly told my dwarf ears that I got the job! I feel so awesome that they thought I was cool, it was a tough couple of interviews. 

Although, I feel that my heart is more in it for the other store. The manager says "Awesome Sauce" so you know she's cool. So I took the risk, knowing that I have a high chance of getting this other job and had to call back PacSun to turn them down. I won't lie, it was pretty nerve-wracking. I keep telling myself to be confident, plus there are way more benefits with this newer opportunity, so I feel like I made the right decision.

I just got to nail my "on the job" interview this weekend. I'm going to prepare like crazy!
What an awesome sauce experience to be going through.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sun Dance

Dress: PacSun

I got some head shots taken by the lovely Looloo Amante!
 The sun was especially generous so that's a plus.
But funny, if I took a picture outside right now, it would be the complete opposite.
(Cool, free weather report)
I'm starting to feel a little home sick. I miss my friends and of course my cat Gus.
Playing with my fish just isn't the same.
Although, I'm still trying my best to have fun.
The fun you make is the fun you get right?

...Well, that's my lesson for the day.